TDR: 8 March (Matthew 14:16)

‘They need not depart’ (Matthew 14:16)

How many things concur to lead or drive us away from Jesus! But we need not depart from Him; He has everything we can possibly want, for body, soul, for time or eternity. He gives grace and glory, and no good thing will He uphold from those who walk uprightly.

Having called us, and drawn us to Him, He wishes us to abide with Him, and if tempted to leave Him, to whom can we go? He will supply every want, sanctify every trial, enable us to overcome every difficulty, and make us happy in His own love. The world will allure you, Satan will try to drive you, and inward depravity will prompt you to wander; but keep near to Jesus this day; think of Him often, look to Him, call upon Him, converse with Him; make Him your Companion, Friend, and God.

There is no real happiness or solid peace, except in the presence and blessing of Jesus; and when He gives quietness nothing can make trouble. If you wander, if you look to others, if you set your affections on anything below, you cannot justify your conduct, for you need not depart. He is all. He has all. He will give all. You have only to believe His word, and your wants shall all be supplied.

 Oh, let us ever walk in Him,
And nothing know beside,
Nothing desire, nor aught esteem,
But Jesus crucified.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘Deepen, O Lord, deepen thy work in my heart, until I am entirely brought into subjection to thy most blessed will! O for more humility, love and holiness! O to be meek… and kind! O to be spiritual, upright, and devoted to God! Lord, give me a very tender conscience, and deeply implant thy fear in my heart. May I find more delight in prayer, and enjoy communion with thyself more and more’.