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At Cambray we encourage everyone to be part of a small group as we believe that this is the best place for discipleship, accountability and applying the Bible.

If you are looking to join a group, feel free to contact the leaders.  If you are already part of Cambray Baptist you can use the Small Groups list on our Members Area to find the email addresses and contact details of each leader. If you are not already part of Cambray Baptist Church or have recently joined us, then use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page to contact us and your message will be passed to the relevant Small Group leader.

Our current groups are:


10.30am, MUM’S BIBLE STUDY - a group of Cambray Mums meeting for discipleship, Bible study and socials at a different home or at church each term, with members taking it in turn to provide crèche. Contact Melody Martin or Jessica Sartalamacchia.

7.00pm, MONTPEILLER / LANSDOWN GROUP - informal supper, Bible study, fellowship, age range mainly 30-50s but all welcome.  Contact Dan Jack.

7.45pm, WOODMANCOTE / BISHOPS CLEEVE GROUP - a mixed age group meeting fortnightly for Bible study and socials, benefitting from the experience of our older members and the enthusiasm of those younger.  Contact Keith Linzner or David Weeks.


1.45pm, MEN’S PRAYER - to pray for the needs of Cambray, and the world.  Crèche room in church building, 1.45pm-2.30pm during term time. Contact David Tingley.

7.30pm, MEN’S DISCIPLESHIP - all-age men’s group meeting in the church building for Bible study and discipleship.  Contact Pete Brown.

7.30pm, 20S&30S - gathering in the Upper Room every other Tuesday for eating, sharing and Bible Study, aimed at young professionals. See the 20s&30s Page.

7.30pm, WYMAN'S BROOK GROUP - mainly under 40s, meeting fortnightly to grow in Christ, support one another and have fun together.  Contact Lee Willcox or Phil Bowell.

7.00pm, 'POP-UP' GROUP - meeting in different houses in East Cheltenham, age range 26 to 55, we meet for discipleship, Bible study (previous Sunday morning's teaching) and to eat together. Contact David Waters or Rebecca Kubista.


7.30pm, STUDENT FOCUS - Bible Study, dessert, lots of fun!  See the Students Page.

7.30pm, CHARLTON KINGS GROUP - fortnightly fellowship, prayer and Bible study, age range 60-90.  Contact Trevor Picton.

7.30pm, HATHERLEY GROUP - fortnightly friendship, fellowship, prayer, Bible study and sharing life experiences, from a wide range of backgrounds, occupations and Biblical knowledge.  Mostly retired, with one younger person and looking for more!  Contact Dave Willcox.

7.30pm, STOKE ORCHARD GROUP - in-depth Bible Study, encouraging and supporting one another, meeting every other week, middle-aged couples and some retired, though certainly not limited to this age group.  Contact John Llewellyn.


7.45pm, PRESTBURY GROUP - fortnightly Bible study, sharing, prayer and mutual concern for each other. We are mostly age 65+ but would love to reduce the average age!  Contact John Sheppard.

7.45pm, BENHALL GROUP - fortnightly evenings include social chat, church family news updates, prayer and bible study, all in a fairly informal style.  Contact Andy Champion.

7.45pm, PARK GROUP - meeting every other week for Bible study, prayer and support in one of two homes in the south west of the town, with a mixture of retired and younger people.  Contact Mick Brunt.


9.45am, ‘TIMEOUT’ LADIES BIBLE STUDY - ladies Bible Study, meeting in the church building, open to all, with time to enjoy coffee, to pray, share and study the Bible interactively.  No crèche as our children are now at school.  Monthly socials, walks or ‘bring-and-shares’.  Contact Beth Jones.

1.30pm, LADIES BIBLE STUDY - meeting in various homes for Bible study and encouragement, mainly older ladies.  Contact Rowena Williams


Join a Small Group

You can join a Small Group by looking out for the Leader of that Small Group at church, by looking in the Notice Sheet for details of where and when they meet and turning up.

If you are not yet in Cambray Baptist Church, or you can't find the person to link up with, you can pass a message on to the Small Group leader of the Group you are interested in by using this contact form.

Just fill in your details, and leave a message letting us know how we can help you get linked up and we will pass on the email to the relevant Small Group leader(s).

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