Go on Mission from Cambray

How can you get involved in Mission in Cambray, and going from Cambray?


As well as joining with us as we pray, you can make time for prayer yourself:

  • by looking out for our monthly Prayer Trifold and praying for our Mission Partners
  • by contacting one of our Mission Partners and asking to be sent their prayer news regularly
  • by using a prayer resource, like Operation World or a Mission Organisation magazine / e-news letter to pray for the world.
  • by praying pro-actively for God to reveal where He wants to use you

God’s first answer to our prayer about where to be used will be ‘right where you are’, so get active in His work in the Cambray no matter how apparently small the task.


There are many opportunities for Short-term mission where you can get more experience in gospel work and cross-cultural outreach.

  • Summer Missions in the UK with United Beach Mission or SU give you experience working with teams in taking the gospel.
  • Some of these Summer Mission organisations (like United Beach Mission) have opportunities in Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and beyond in Europe, so you can start to try cross-cultural mission work.
  • Mission organisations like OM often have summer teams that operate in Europe. These provide a great stepping stone to mission.


You can contact one of our Missionaries and arrange a short-term visit to work alongside them or a local Mission opportunity they may arrange.

Also, listen out in church for short-term teams we send out to work in different Mission opportunities.

Or, if you have the experience, why not offer to organise a mission team trip?


Cambray has long-term association with Global Connections – now a partnership of over 300 churches and mission organisations to disseminate opportunities to meet to pray, learn more, or connect with Mission.

Why not look out for their events, search for opportunities on their website, or use their resources to join in prayer?

Interested in Short Term Mission?