20s & 30s

Welcome 20s & 30s!

At Cambray we have a vibrant 20s and 30s programme.

Tuesday Evenings

We meet fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm, to welcome new people and to learn and grow as one. We spend the first part of the evening socialising followed by a 60 minute Bible study before praying through what we’ve learnt.

We place a strong focus on working out what it looks like to really live out what we’re learning, and we seek to help one another do that through prayer and being community together.

“We exist to welcome new 20s&30s, being an ‘open door’ into the church…”

“We exist to support and pray for one another, following Jesus together…”

“We exist to learn together and equip one another for service and witness through relevant in-depth Bible study…”

Other Gatherings…

In addition to the regular programme we have a lively schedule of socials and informal events, all of these being great opportunities to develop friendships with others in the group.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with someone to find out more or to be put on our fortnightly email, Tim Martin would love to hear from you, or look out for the 20s and 30s group in the Sunday morning service. – Click here to use our Contact page.