Sunday Youth

Sunday Youth is a fun-filled, Bible-centred group for school years 7-11.

We are currently meeting virtually, every Sunday at 10.30am.

Look on the Youth Instagram or Facebook Group for details of our online meeting through the Zoom platform, or contact Shany.

When we’re not in lockdown, we meet on a Sunday with the rest of the church family for the first 20 minutes or so of family worship, before heading to the Upper Room.


Our desire in all that we do is to encourage our young people to learn about the Lord Jesus and to come to know Him better for themselves.  This is a time where our young people not only get an opportunity to study the Bible but also to socialise and have fun with others their own age.

Our sessions together are varied and dynamic involving the use of drama, games, discussions in both small and large groups and powerful prayer times.  For more information contact Harry Doel.