The first Cheltenham Baptists met for worship in a disused malt house way back in 1690, when Cheltenham was little more than a village.

The congregation that became Cambray Baptist Church Cheltenham was formed in 1843.

They raised money to build the present building in Cambray Place, which was opened in 1855. One of the preachers at the opening services was a twenty-year-old pastor from London. He was Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and he became the most famous of all Victorian preachers.

The church, under God’s hand, has prospered over many years, with large congregations, vibrant children’s and youth ministry, and a commitment to training, sending, church planting and global mission.

The 150th Anniversary of the Church in 1993 was marked by the publication of Cambray Baptist Church 1843-1993, a history written by Sylvie Pierce. Copies of this book are available from the Church Office on request.

The Rev Dr Alwyn Barry became Pastor of Cambray Baptist Church in June, 2017.