Men’s Bible Study

Do you read Gods word a bit more than a bit, quite a bit, or maybe not even a bit? Is that because you only believe it a bit ? Is that because you only understand it a bit ? Is that because it doesn’t inspire you a bit?

Would you read it if someone helped explain it a bit? If you could meet up and study with others a bit? If you found your interest grew a bit? Would you come to Bible study classes if: There were others who knew a lot? Through them you grew in knowledge a lot? You then wanted to share with others a lot?

You may then find you believe it !
You may then find you understand it !
You may then find you are inspired by it !

Its never too late to start reading and learning about the Bible! Its never too late to start sharing your knowledge of the Bible ! ts never too late to find inspiration and wonder in the Bible.

So, why not join us, first and third Tuesdays each month, 7pm-9pm, School Room.

Men’s Breakfast

Run at least once per term, Saturday, 8am-9:30am. We gather together to enjoy a great cooked breakfast and fellowship together.

We have a brief slot where we hear from a speaker, and then we spend some time praying for one another.

We want to help one another with life issues like purpose, leadership, family, marriage, career, and private and personal sin. Our talks are on topics which will get you thinking, and we long that they will drive you toward spiritual transformation. We make sure we always seek to build you up.

Our heart is to draw a crowd of men who are hungry not just for breakfast but for spiritual growth.