Information Leaflets

There is so much going on in Cambray! And it can be difficult to work out what is happening and how things work. We have published some information in ‘Trifold’ Leaflets and more detailed information in booklets. We have put copies of them here so that you can download and print them for yourself. Pre-printed copies are normally available in the church Foyer.

Trifold Leaflets

Filename / LinkSize
Church Membership435.98 Kb
Dealing With Hurts300.16 Kb
Giving302.57 Kb
Missions421.46 Kb
Pastoral Care290.74 Kb
Prayer Ministry206.64 Kb
Whats On for Kids And Youth427.86 Kb


Filename / LinkSize
Membership Booklet1.9 Mb
Welcome Pack1.68 Mb