Your guide to giving to the work of God through Cambray Baptist Church.


The church family and friends of Cambray contribute to the life and work of the church in many ways. Giving is not merely financial, but is a response of love for the Lord for all He has done for us that willingly gives all of ourselves back to Him.  This can be through volunteering, leading ministries, lovingly caring for others, prayer and much more.  But it is also financial.

In God’s law He directed His people to give the firstfruits of their harvest to Him before anything else (Ex 22:29, 23:19, Lev 23:9-14) and to give the tithe of the harvest.  Giving from what we have been given is an act of worship to our generous God (Prov 3:9).  And so we follow the practice of God’s instructions to the Corinthian church:

On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.

1 Cor 16:2

The amount you give and how you give is between you and the Lord (2 Cor 9:7) – you are to pray about this.  This page is simply designed to enable you to give as God leads.


How can I give to Cambray?

Give regularly through the banking system

Here are three suggestions to do this:

  • By setting up a standing order with your bank, either by clicking here to open up a printable standing order form or by using online banking with our bank details: Sort Code: 40-52-40, Account: 00015762, Name: Cambray Baptist Church.
  • By setting up a standing order if you have a charity account with CAF, Stewardship or similar schemes.
  • Through your employer’s payroll giving scheme (this only applies if your employer runs such a scheme … your HR department can provide details on this)

Give regularly or one-off in other ways

  • One-off or regular gifts through ChurchSuite, our Church Management System.
  • Boxes are available near the exit to receive your gifts in each Sunday service. We encourage regular attendees to give in some way but, if you are a visitor, please do not feel obliged to give.
  • Online bank transfer using your banking app with our bank details: Sort Code: 40-52-40, Account: 00015762, Name: Cambray Baptist Church
  • If you would like to give or send us a cheque or a charity voucher, please make it payable to Cambray Baptist Church.
  • Via the Stewardship website. Please click on the “Donate Now” button (below) to go directly to the giving page for Cambray Baptist Church on their website. (Even if you are signed up to Gift Aid at Cambray, please would you select the Gift Aid option).
  • Via PayPal – you can use the PayPal button below.

Donate with PayPal

Tax efficient giving

If you pay UK tax (Income or Capital Gains Tax) and would like us to claim back the basic rate tax, you will need to complete, sign and return to us an ongoing Gift Aid Declaration if you have not done so already. The benefit to Cambray Baptist Church is that it can recover the basic rate of income tax, currently 25p for each £1 given. (If you pay higher rate tax, you may recover this through your own tax return.) Please click on the link to open up a printable gift aid declaration form.

On receipt of a completed gift aid form, we allocate you a gift aid number. This gives anonymity when placing gifts in the offering bags. Envelopes are available in the church entrance hall to which you can add your gift aid number. The number should also be used when giving in the other ways mentioned (except payroll giving, Charity Choice online or using a charity voucher).

How is my giving used?

How is my giving used?

All gifts not designated for the work of Missions are placed in our General Fund for the majority if the work of the church.  Importantly, this includes all the outreach work of the church and the running of the various church ministries designed for the discipleship of God’s people.  It also includes the upkeep of the building, paying the Pastoral Team and the office staff.  Finally, any deficit in the Missions Fund is also covered by the General Fund.

The Mission Fund supports people sent by the church into full-time Missionary work or receiving training in different parts of the world.  The Mission Fund is always ‘topped up’ from the General Fund, and so you will also be giving to Mission simply by giving to the church.

We also, from time to time, and particularly at Harvest and Christmas have additional opportunities to give to special initiatives, projects or global needs.  These one-off offerings are communicated in the Sunday Services and through the Notice sheet.

Any questions?

If you have any questions on these or other practical aspects of giving, please contact the Treasurer on +44 (0)1242 584672 (phone number of the Church Office), use the form below to email us or write to Treasurer, Cambray Baptist Church, Cambray Place, Cheltenham, GL50 1JS.

Thank you for your support.

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