Connecting to Cambray with MyChurchSuite

Cambray is a constantly moving church, with many members serving and ministries operating through it. 

As we continue to grow and develop we are committed to being a family, part of which means ensuring good connections, being organised and communicating effectively. 

One of the ways we want to do this is to use a secure piece of software called ChurchSuiteChurchSuite is a big package with many tools to help us manage the life of the church. Most of these are used by the Church Office. But it is also designed for Ministry Leaders, Small Group Leaders and those involved in serving to use too.


MyChurchSuite is a part of ChurchSuite. It is an app and/or website which is designed to be an easy to use portal into ChurchSuite that will help church members engage more easily in the life and activity of the church.

Through MyChurchSuite church members are able to update and manage their details and the details of their kids, keep on top of rotas, sign up for events and much more! 

To get started, you will need to have received an invite from the church office – for security reasons, you can’t just sign up.  If you would like access to ChurchSuite, please contact the church office.

If you have received an invite you can access the Cambray MyChurchSuite portal here (or download the MyChurchSuite app to your Android device, or Apple iPhone or iPad) then simply enter your email address, select MyChurchsuite, and enter your MyChurchSuite password.

We have provided a brief video tutorial to get you going with MyChurchSuite:

and you can access a more in-depth helpful MyChurchSuite user guide here.