Pastoral Care

It is our passion that every child of God grow in Christ in every situation

Pastoral Care is about enabling God’s people to grow in maturity in Christ in every life situation. God gifts us difficult situations to help us grow in Him and bring Him glory (Phil 1:29-30). And God gifts us His people so that, as a church walking together in difficulty, we grow in maturity in Him. (Eph 4:7-16).

The first point of support is therefore from your Small Group (which includes Bible Study Groups and Ladies Fellowship) – the leader or your fellow members. You will also find support within the Ministry Teams you are involved in – from the Ministry Leaders or your fellow team members.

If you have been challenged by God in a morning Service and want help in responding, or you have a prayer need, our Prayer Ministry team are available every Sunday morning to help – look for those wearing a lanyard at the end of the service. We also always have a one of our Elders or Deacons available in or near the Foyer each Sunday so you can speak to one of the Church Leadership.

If you are new to the church and seeking to find out more about faith in Christ, about the church, or about getting involved, the Welcome Team are available to help. You will find them at the door of the church.

When times are tough …

Your Small Group or Ministry Team is your first-stop place for help. However there are times and situations when your Small Groups or Ministry Teams are not able to provide the help or guidance you need. We offer the following further routes:

Prayer Ministry & Chain

Prayer Ministry members are available at the end of every Sunday Morning service. They will pray with you and can signpost you to further help. You can also ask our Prayer Chain to send out prayer requests to many in the church.

Pastors / Elders

You can meet with one of the Pastors or Elders. They will arrange to pray with you and seek to guide you to help from God’s word and may then link you to further support from others for an agreed time period where needed.

Pastoral Care Group

The Pastoral Care Group pray through the needs of the whole church monthly and can coordinate responses. Contact the church office to link you to the Care Group member who has care oversight for you currently.

When you want to grow …

We should all always want to grow in Christ – God’s Spirit’s work in us gives us “hunger and thirst for righteousness”. But if you are being particularly challenged to grow in an area of Christ-likeness or service, we would love to help by:

Small Group

Talk with your Small Group Leader. There may be someone within your Small Group who can do some one-to-one study, pray with you, and walk with you as you grow, or the Leader may signpost you to others in church who can help.


One of the most helpful ways to grow is to walk with a Mentor who you can meet periodically with as you read books or go through a course. Of course, you could find a Mentor yourself, but we’d love to help point you to people you might approach while we build a team of Mentors.

Training Course

We have links to various organisations locally and nationally who provide great on-line or in-person training resources we can recommend. Or, you might inspire us to arrange training for the church which is also helpful to you!

When you are housebound …

There are periods of life when you are unable because of infirmity or age to join with others in fellowship. These can be periods of great spiritual challenge. We encourage you to remain involved and encouraged by:

Prayer Chain

Sign up to receive the church emails and prayer chain emails so that you can be one of our Prayer Warriors! And use the Prayer Chain to let the church know your own prayer needs.

Keep in contact

Let your Small Group Leader know how you are doing and let our Pastoral Care Group know how they can keep in contact with you through this difficult period. Your Small Group may also run a WhatApp group you can be involved in.

Pastoral Visitors

Let us know how we can keep in contact with you regularly, either by phone or in person, through our Small Groups or Pastoral Visitors. If you are hospitalised, ask a relative or the hospital to let the church office know so that we can visit.

Help us direct you …

To help us direct you to the most appropriate source of support, please complete the form below. One of our Pastoral Care Group, will make an assessment or invite you to meet with them. Following this, you will be directed to an appropriate route for help. Please note that this pastoral support is available only for regular attendees of Cambray Baptist Church.

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