Join Us

If you have worshipped with us and you would be interested in finding out more or in joining Cambray Baptist Church for the months or years to come, filling out the form below will help us get in contact with you and start your journey to be a part of God’s people in Cambray Baptist Church.

Your Pathway into Cambray

We want to help you become a part of Cambray Baptist Church. We have a team who will contact you and give you more details, and pass you on to others who will help you find a Small Group and find more about serving in Ministries. However, knowing that it is helpful to ensure you have completed the following steps will help you to become part of Cambray quickly:

Stage 1 – complete within first few weeks

  • Fill in the Welcome Card (available in the church Foyer) or Welcome Form (see above)
  • Receive the ‘Welcome Email‘ with our ‘Welcome Pack’ from our Welcome Team
  • Meet with one of the Pastors to ask questions and learn more, and help us to get to know you
  • Fill in our GDPR form to gain access to our MyChurchSuite app and receive weekly E-News
  • Join our Cambray Community Facebook Group (for informal announcements, missionary prayer news and prayer items)

Stage 2 – complete over the first few months

  • Find a Small Group to attend, talking with our Small Groups Coordinator if needed
  • Find a Ministry Area to serve in, or talk with one of the Pastors to guide you
    • Places to start:
      • the Sunday Coffee/Tea Team
      • the Sunday Welcome Team

Stage 3 – complete by 6 months