Lighthouse is a thriving area of Cambray life, providing children aged 4 to 11 with three Sunday groups for Bible-centred, child-targeted, fun, safe, life-relevant and age-appropriate activities to help them grow in their understanding and walk with God.

Our aim is to provide the best hour of every child’s week

We pray that the impact of the ministry will last the other 167 hours!

We aim to teach your children Biblical truth, how each part fits into the bigger picture of the Bible story, and how it all points to Jesus. We seek to apply these Bible truths to each child so that they understand how to live these out in their daily lives at school, at home and throughout life.

This is done in a variety of creative ways including games, craft, dramas, prayer times and Bible stories.

Typically, children join the first 20 minutes of our main Sunday services and then have the option to join their age-specific Sunday Lighthouse group.

We long that the children enjoy learning from the Bible and about what it means to live as a Christian. And so we offer fun age-specific activities and also have special weeks when all the age groups come together to do something a little different, like our ‘Mission Sundays’.

Our Lighthouse Groups

Crèche (0-3yrs)

Fireflies (3yrs-School year R)

Sparklers (School years 1-3)

Spotlight (School years 4-6)

All our volunteers are committed to partnering with parents in communicating the greatness of God, the glory of Christ and the power of the Gospel, helping children to understand that He made them, loves them, died for them, and calls them to new life in Him.

All our volunteers are DBS-checked and Safeguarding trained.

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