Support Mission at Cambray

How can you better support our Mission outreach from Cambray?


Get to know one of our Global Partners. Find out about where they are and what they do.

Contact them via email, WhatsApp or video call, introduce yourself and get to know them Contact details available on our Members Area or via the church office (email using our contact details). Each Small Group is linked to a Mission Partner.


Join with us as we pray for our Mission Partners.

For dates/times/places where we pray, see our Prayer page and our Church Calendar.

We also provide weekly prayer news in our email Newsheet received by all Cambray attendees, and regular prayer updates on our Cambray Community Facebook group.


Volunteer to join the Missions Team. There are several roles available to suit all kinds of abilities/availabilities/involvement levels. We’d be really encouraged to hear of your interest and talk about ways you can get involved.

Please email our Missions Team using our contact details).


Give to support our Mission partners in their ministry through regular monthly financial support.

Learn how from our Giving webpage.

And, of course, you can give your time or energy by volunteering for Short Term Mission opportunities which we advertise regularly.