TDR: 9 March (Matthew 17:5)

‘This is my Son, the Beloved; with him I am well pleased; Listen to Him!’ (Matthew 17:5)

Jesus speaks to us in His word; He tells us His mind; and the Father commands us to hear Him. He speaks to us in a variety of subjects; He instructs, exhorts, warns, directs, and comforts. He always speaks in love. Every word is intended to do us good.

Let us then take up His word and say, “I will hear what God the Lord will speak”. How much better this than to listen to Satan, unbelief, carnal reason or other people. Let us believe what He says, for He speaks truth; expect what He promises, for He intends to bestow; practise what He commands, for His ways are peace; and abstain from what He prohibits, for it is sure to damage.

Hear Him, and plead His word in prayer. Hear Him, and oppose what He says to fear, Satan and appearances. Hear Him, and compare all doctrines with His word. Hear Jesus every day, give Him your attention at least for a few minutes; you can hear nothing better than what He speaks; no one else has a greater claim upon your attention. Hearing Jesus with attention, prayer and faith, will prevent a great number of real evils.

  Jesus, my Prophet, heavenly Guide,
Thy sweet instructions I will hear;
The words that from Thy lips proceed,
Oh how divinely sweet they are!
Thee, my great Prophet, I would love,
And imitate the blest above.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘Yesterday, the Lord was pleased to take my dear little [daughter] Mercy unto himself, after sixteen days severe suffering. Sharply as I felt the stroke, I was grateful for her removal. I have now one child in heaven. One dear babe is gone before me to the bosom of Jesus. Blessed be God, for giving us reason to believe from his holy word, that our departed little ones are saved. Her struggles, her convulsions, her heart-rending cries are over, and over for ever. She sweetly sleeps in Jesus. She is housed from every storm, screened from every bitter blast, and saved from every foe. She shall know no more pain, neither sorrow, nor crying. All was easy at the last, she seemed to slip away from us, and is forever with the Lord… At present I have to mourn, now I have sorrow, may it prove to be godly sorrow.’