Attending Church isn’t just about attending on Sundays – it’s about being a community of God’s people who are praying for one another, learning from one another as we share God’s word together and growing together in Christ as we walk in Him daily. It is our passion to serve you in your workplace, your home and in your families through the ministries of the church.

Small Groups

Small Groups of all sizes are vital in supporting people through difficulties and ease, sorrow and joy, as we learn to walk together in Christ. We encourage everyone to be a part of a Small Group or a women or men’s Bible Study group where possible. You can read more about our Small Groups using the links below.

Men and Women’s Groups

There are particular circumstances that face Men or Women differently, and indeed some that face Older Folk and young people differently. We provide Bible Study Groups and Growth Groups that serve into particular situations.

Gateway Fellowship

We are not all created the same, and some people have physical or mental differences that prevent them from engaging in church in the same way as others. For such folk we provide a wonderful monthly meeting called ‘Gateway’. Read more about it in our links below.

Groups for Adults