TDR: 24 August (Romans 12:1)

‘A living sacrifice’ (Romans 12:1)

When an animal was set apart for sacrifice, it was considered sacred, and was carefully preserved from all injury.

The Christian is devoted, and they are intended for the altar, both body and soul; and they are required to present themselves to God holy, acceptable, as a reasonable service.

It is not to be defiled by fornication, by drunkenness, by gluttony, by filth, by pride; we are to look upon our bodies as belonging to the Lord, bought with the blood of Jesus; consecrated as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and set apart to be the habitation of a Holy God.

The Christian’s body should not be united by marriage to an unbeliever; this is sacrilege, for the vessel is holy; it is rebellion, for it is plainly and positively forbidden; it is sinning wilfully, and provoking the eyes of divine holiness. It is offering insult to the God of love, and calling upon Him to vindicate His injured mercy.

Dear Christian believer, present your body to God every day, washed in pure water that is, cleansed from defilement by observing His word; never call anything common which God has consecrated, or degrade anything which God has devoted to Himself.

Lord, it is but just and right,
That I should be wholly Thine;
Only in Thy will delight,
In Thy blessed service join.
Now my sacrifice receive,
Give me grace to Thee to live.

 THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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