TDR: 25 August (Romans 8:26)

‘The Spirit helps us in our weakness’ (Romans 8:26)

We are encompassed with infirmities; in fact, we know very little of ourselves; we do not know what would be best for us; we don’t know what is coming upon us; we never know Satan’s position or design; we know but little of God’s provision or intention, we are as weak as we are ignorant, weak to withstand evil, weak to perform good, weak to obtain benefits; our infirmities, many of them constitutional, arise from our temperaments and dispositions, from bodily ailments, and from our finite capacities.

But though weak, Jesus is moved with a sympathetic feeling for us, and the Holy Spirit is given to assist us. He teaches us what we want, leads us to the precious promises, furnishes us with the prevailing plea, excites us to pray, and assists us in prayer.

He produces the ardent desire, bestows the wrestling power, and warms the affections while pleading; gives us such a keen sense of what we need, and such an ardent desire after it, that God attends to our inexpressible groans. Therefore, let us daily seek the Spirit’s power to help.

Spirit of interceding grace,
I know not how or what to pray;
Relieve my utter helplessness,
Thy power into my heart convey;
That God, acknowledging my groan,
May answer, in my prayers, His own.

 THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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