TDR: 23 August (Psalm 67:6)

‘God, our God, will bless us’ (Psalm 67:6)

He has pledged Himself to do so in His word, and He delights to make good His promise. He is our God by covenant, by a spiritual birth, through Christ Jesus, and at our own desire, request, and consent. He is the great God who fills heaven and earth; the all-sufficient God, who has all resources in Himself; the unchanging God, who is eternally the same.

He espoused the quarrel of His people; He dignifies and ennobles them, and proves Himself gracious and merciful unto them. He blesses them indeed; and if others curse, He turns the curse into a blessing.

We may rest fully assured of this pleasing fact, “God, even our own God, will bless us.” He has done so in Christ before time, He has promised to do so through time, and when time shall be no more. He will bless us temporally and spiritually, He will bless us wherever we are.

Let us believe the fact, and plead for its realization in our experience; this will embolden us in danger, fortify us against fear, and keep us in perfect peace. Let us trust in Him, and He will bless us, and so shall we rejoice in Him.

Rise, my soul, with ardour rise!
Breathe thy wishes to the skies;
Freely pour out all thy mind,
Seek, and thou art sure to find;
Ready art thou to receive,
Readier is thy God to give.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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