TDR: 6 August (Isaiah 48:16)

‘Come near to Me’ (Isaiah 48:16)

The believer’s happiness and Jehovah’s pleasure are united; we are only happy when we are near to Him, and He is only pleased when we cleave to Him.

He has taken us into a close relationship as His children, people, and beloved bride; He has represented our union by the most striking figures described by the branch in the vine, the member with the head, and the building with the foundation.

He has made His name our strong tower, His Son our fountain of supply, and His secret place our home. In living near to Him, we enjoy the sweetest comforts, possess indescribable peace, realise the fullest liberty, and find safety and rest.

Our assurances, light, holiness, and strength come from His presence; our misery, wretchedness, and woe, from living at a distance from Him. He invites us this morning, as Jacob invited his beloved son, “Come near unto me.”

He intends to bless us, as that patriarch did his child; to show us His covenant and secret; to make us understand His will and word; to preserve us from all evil, fill us with grace, and conform us to His image.

When trials vex my doubting mind,
Jesus, to Thy dear wounds I’ll flee;
No shelter can I elsewhere find,
No peace or comfort but in Thee:
To Thee my cause I recommend,
On Thee for future grace depend.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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