TDR: 5 August (Psalm 111:5)

‘He will be mindful of His covenant forever’ (Psalm 111:5)

The Lord’s people know their God as a covenant God, reconciled to them, at peace with them, and dwelling among them, through the work of Jesus. He has made a covenant in which they are interested, from which all their blessings flow, and on which their confidence is based.

Of this covenant, God is ever mindful:

He is mindful of the engagements of Jesus as our Surety; of the relationship in which He was pleased to manifest Himself, as our Father; of the state in which He viewed us, as poor wretched sinners; of the provision He made for His own glory and our needs; of the promise made to Jesus including all the promises made to us; of the oath He swore, that He would not be angry with us; of the blood of His Son, as the Victim slain to confirm and ratify it; of the end He had in view in making it, even the display of all His glorious perfections in our eternal salvation.

Therefore, God will be mindful of His covenant forever; He cannot forget it; He will not act contrary to it, but will confirm it even to the end. Dear friends, let us also be ever mindful of His covenant.

Firmer than heaven His covenant stands;
Tho’ earth should shake, and skies depart,
We’re safe in our Redeemer’s hands,
Who bears our names upon His heart;
For us He lived, and died, and rose,
And triumph’d over all our foes.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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