TDR: 31 May (Proverbs 12:13)

‘The innocent shall escape trouble’ (Proverbs 12:13)

The Lord’s people are justified by grace, through faith, in the righteousness of Jesus; and all who are justified are created anew; they have immortal principles of holiness and justice implanted in their hearts; so that they hate sin, follow holiness, and walk uprightly. Sin has no dominion over them, nor will they be slaves to lust.

They meet many troubles, they have to pass through fire and water, but they shall come out into a wealthy place. They shall not perish in their affliction, for the Lord upholds them with His hand.

Dear friends, look beyond your present trials; remember if you suffer as a Christian, you suffer with Christ; and if you suffer you shall also reign with Him. Your God is able to deliver; He has promised to do so; trust in Him without wavering; do not yield to temptation; avoid the appearance of evil; and your God will bring you out of trouble.

He will bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your judgement as the noonday. You shall also forget your misery, or remember it as waters that pass away. Present troubles will end in everlasting peace.

Millions who now His throne surround,
Here sought relief, here mercy found;
The Lord dispell’d their gloomy fears,
Heal’d all their wounds, and dried their tears.
And thou shalt also mercy find,
For God is faithful, just and kind.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘I think if I did but enjoy a spirit of fervent, constant, wrestling prayer, I could endure any thing; but a comparatively prayerless frame of mind, betokens an unhealthy state of soul – and it appears to gnaw upon me. O for Jacob’s spirit! O for Paul’s perseverance! O to be like Jesus! To this my heart adds a loud, AMEN.’