TDR: 30 May (Psalm 87:7)

‘All my springs are in You’ (Psalm 87:7)

Jesus is the fountain of living waters; the wells of salvation are found in His person, work and word. He says, “If anyone is thirsty, let them come to me and drink”. The springs of comfort, peace, and salvation, are all in Him; and in Him for us; therefore they are called our springs.

The waters cleanse from all defilement; they refresh the faint and weary and satisfy the longing soul. The springs infer abundance – whosoever will, may come and take; for they are never dry. We are absolutely dependent on Jesus, this is our mercy; we are not absolutely dependent on any others. This is our happiness.

Our desires should concentrate in Him; our affections should be fixed upon Him; and our expectations should be only from Him. In Jesus is all possible variety; He can do, and He can bestow all we can possibly want; for it has pleased the Father that in Him should ALL fullness dwell.

If all our springs are in Jesus, let us then not look to any other; but let us draw water out of the fountains of the Saviour. Let us ask, and He will give us LIVING WATER, that we may never thirst again.

To whom, dear Jesus, oh, to whom
Shall needy sinners flee,
But to Thyself, who bid’st us come!
Our springs are all in Thee.
Now fill my soul with Thy pure love,
And raise my thoughts and hopes above.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘But I am too apt to be satisfied with unproductive wishes, with unfruitful desires. I urge others to walk closely with God, and live at a distance myself. I exhort others to abide at the throne of grace, but only visit it occasionally myself: and yet, I suppose I never spend a waking hour without sending forth a sigh, a groan, or a short petition: but I want to take delight in approaching to God.’