TDR: 27 August (Romans 7:4)

‘So that we might bear fruit to God’ (Romans 7:4)

Without union to Christ, there can be no good works; and until we are dead to the law we cannot be married to Christ. We must see that there is neither help nor hope for us in any law that God has given, that only grace can save us, before we shall be willing to take Christ as God has set Him forth in the everlasting gospel.

Being married to Christ, we renounce our own name and take His; we live upon His fullness, walk by His word, and aim to please Him in all things. By His grace we perform good works; and through His merit, and His name, they are accepted as evidences of our love, proofs of our sanctification, and fruits of our oneness with Him.

Whoever is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him; and it becomes our meat and drink to do the will of God. Without union to Christ we can do nothing acceptable to God; being married to Him, our poor, imperfect, and (in themselves) worthless performances, are acceptable and well-pleasing to God.

No union no fruit, no fruit no union. Dear friend, are we bearing fruit unto God? Do we bring forth much fruit? Herein is our Father glorified, that we bear much fruit.

Blest Jesus, animate my heart;
Let Thy rich grace abound;
So, to the honour of Thy name,
Shall plenteous fruit be found.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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