TDR: 28 August (Romans 3:24)

‘Being justified freely by His grace’ (Romans 3:24)

It was a solemn question which was proposed in the days of old, “How can someone be right with God?”

Mankind is without righteousness; we are chargeable with many crimes, we are brought in guilty, and condemned by God’s holy law; and we have no excuse to make. Our mouths are stopped. We feel this to be our situation by nature.

But the Lord who is our Judge, has devised a way by which He can be just, and yet justify us. It is by grace. He justifies, or acquits us from all charges, pronounces us righteous, accepts us, and introduces us into His favour, friendship, and fellowship, freely, without anything being done or suffered by us.

He presents us with the work of Jesus, by which all our debts are paid; our righteousness is established; the law and government of God are honoured; and a good title to eternal life is made out; we receive this work by faith, which He also bestows, and we are “justified from all things.” Not one charge remains. There is no condemnation. But we are justified freely by grace without the works of the law.

Slain in the guilty sinner’s stead,
Jesus, Thy righteousness I plead,
And Thine atoning blood:
That righteousness my robe shall be;
Thy merit shall avail for me,
And bring me near to God.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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