TDR: 20 March (Luke 24:34)

‘The Lord is risen’ (Luke 24:34)

Jesus died once for our sins, and He rose for our justification. He lay in the grave as our substitute, He rose as our representative. He died that we might live. He lives, and we shall live through Him and with Him forever.

He is risen, having conquered death, reconciled us to God, perfumed the grave, and finished the work which the Father gave Him to do. As He arose, so shall we. As He is gone into heaven, similarly our thoughts, our hopes and our affections should ascend also.

Jesus has risen, to plead our cause; manage our affairs, fulfil His precious promises; and to prepare for us mansions in our Father’s house. Sin was atoned for by His death, heaven is secured by His life. He is our risen, ascended, and reigning BROTHER. He is our conquering and crowned CAPTAIN.

Oh, let us think of, speak for, and devote ourselves to JESUS. He is above the world; let us live above its vanities and amusements; let us look beyond death to that glorious resurrection, when we shall be raised from the dead, and possess bodies which shall be incorruptible, glorious, powerful, and spiritual.

Jesus triumphs! Sing His praises,
Twas by death He overcame.
Thus the Lord His glory raises
Thus He fills His foes with shame.
Sing His praises!
Praises to the Victor’s name.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘Another sharp stroke, for my little daughter ANN was in good health on Monday, and on Thursday she was a corpse. She died just two months after her sister MERCY. But the words of the Patriarch came to silence and humble me, “Behold, he taketh away, who can hinder Him? Who will say unto Him, what doest thou?” [Job 9:12].

I fear I loved her too well, for she was a beautiful child. The Lord dealt very gently with her in removing her, for she suffered but little. Well, she is gone, and I must follow her, nor can I tell how soon. But for my remaining family, if I am really in Christ, it appears to me to be of small moment how soon. But this is the really important matter, to be really in Christ. If I am in Him, I am saved, I cannot really die, I must be happy. O blessed state! … O what a blessed region is that, in which Christians are ordained to meet; no sorrow, no death, and best of all, there is NO SIN THERE!