TDR: 21 March (Matthew 11:28)

‘I will give you rest’ (Matthew 11:28)

There is no rest for the Christian in the world. There will always be something to disturb, perplex or distress us: it is an enemy’s land. But Jesus says: “I will give you rest.” He does so by enabling us to rely on His word, to recognise His hand, submit to His will, and trust in His perfect work. He assures us that our sins are forgiven us; that we are safe in His keeping; that His presence will always be with us; and that all things will work together for the best.

We can rest on His faithfulness; He has been tried and found faithful. We can rest on His love; for it does not know the shadow of a turn. We can rest on His power; it is always engaged on our behalf. We can rest on His covenant; it is ordered in all things and sure. We can rest on His blood; it speaks peace, pardon and acceptance with God. We can rest at His feet; there we are safe and can never be injured.

We cannot rest on our graces, or on our comforts, or on our friends, or on our possessions; but we may rest on Jesus – we should rest on Him with unshaken confidence and ardent love. Because His promises are plain, His power is infinite, and His love is beyond knowledge.

 God is thy rest – with heart inclined
To keep His word, that word believe,
Christ is thy rest – with lowly mind,
His light and easy yoke receive.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

In heaven: ‘There is no night, no darkness, no weariness there – no enemies, no storms, no doubts, no fears there – no bereavements, no tears, nor any irritation (from which I suffer so much) there. We shall be like him, and enjoy him without interruption for ever. As a glimpse of him below is so sweet, what must it be to be for ever with him? But we must die to know it. May I be always ready, always willing, always waiting to go!’