TDR: 25 January (John 15:14)

‘You are my friends’ (John 15:14)

What infinite condescension in Jesus, to call us worms, His friends! But He not only calls us so, but treats us as such, and expects us as friends to do whatever He commands us.

Is Jesus your friend? Then visit Him often, let Him hear your voice in prayer and praise; then trust Him confidently, let Him see a proof of your faith in your dependence… and then walk with Him in love, let Him enjoy much of your company; then expect Him to be your friend in sickness and in health, in poverty and plenty, in life and in death.

If Jesus is our friend, we can never be destitute. If father and mother forsake, He will take us up and take us in; we can never be miserable, He will be a Father unto us; we can never be neglected, for He will never fail us nor forsake us, but will do for us all He has promised in His word.

He will defend us from foes, visit us in sickness, and cheer and support us in death. Precious Lord Jesus, be thou my friend, call me your friend, and treat me as such in life, in death, at the judgement, and before Your Father’s face forever.

 Oh let us make His name our trust,
He is a Saviour wise and just;
On His Almighty arm depend,
He is a tried and faithful friend;
And all His friends shall shortly prove
The power and glory of His love.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘My heart was warm with gratitude, for all the favours conferred upon me, which appeared as the gifts of my heavenly Father, the purchase of my Saviour, and the communications of the ever blessed Comforter.’