TDR: 7 September (Romans 12:12)

‘Rejoicing in hope’ (Romans 12:12)

The Christian believer cannot always rejoice in possession, especially when stripped of everything; but we still may rejoice in hope even then.

We are underpinned with hope for eternal life; for righteousness by faith, that God may be magnified in our earthly body, by life or by death; for the resurrection of the body, and its reunion with the soul; for the appearing of our beloved Saviour, and complete salvation through Him.

The hope which is laid up for us in heaven, of which the gospel now informs us, is a weight of glory, a crown of righteousness, and an eternal inheritance, which are in reserve for us; and in hope of these things we may rejoice.

They are set before us to excite desire, produce courage, prevent despondency, and fill with joy. They are freely given, plainly promised, and carefully preserved; therefore we shall never be ashamed of our hope. Let us not give in to our gloomy feelings, or to distressing forebodings; but let us lift up our heads, rejoicing that we shall very soon be made partakers of our hope.

Let us hope in God, and praise Him more and more each day; always making use of hope as the anchor of the soul, sure and steadfast.

Come, Lord, and help me to rejoice,
In hope that I shall hear Thy voice,
Shall one day see my God;
Shall cease from all my painful strife,
Hardly and taste the word of life,
And feel the sprinkled blood.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘The Lord has hitherto preserved my reputation, but for this mercy I have never been half so grateful as I ought. Suppose the tongue of slander were permitted to injure my character, my usefulness would be almost at an end! Who would read my books? Who would attend my ministry? What would become of my family? How much I need divine keeping! Not only to be kept from sin, but from the tongues and pens of men.’