TDR: 7 May (Isaiah 44:21)

‘O Israel, I will not forget you’ (Isaiah 44:21)

What tenderness, mercy and love are here! Friends forget us, relatives are careless about us, and we sometimes fear that God has forgotten us; but here He assures us that we shall never be forgotten by Him. Our names are in His book; our Representative is always before His throne, and we are the objects of His constant care.

He cannot forget us while Jesus pleads for us; and if He does not forget, He will never neglect. There is only one thing He is ever said to forget, and that is our sins; but He is always mindful of His covenant. He will not forget the circumstances in which we are placed, the wants by which we are pained or the prayers we put up at His throne.

However, although we are assured that God will never forget us, yet often we still can find no satisfaction. But then the Holy Spirit humbles us, empties us, and exalts Christ before us, by showing us our pardon, peace, and salvation in His life, death, and intercession. Dear friends, let us mind the things of the Spirit, and daily seek humbling, quickening and sanctifying grace.

O Lord, my God! Whose Sovereign love
Is still the same, nor e’er can move,
Look to the covenant, and see,
Has not Thy love been shown to me?
Remember me, my glorious Friend,
And love me always to the end.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘We have enlarged the chapel to hold 1,200 persons, and it is filled, sinners are converted, and the church enjoys peace and increase. All glory to free grace! My soul is thirsting for God; for richer displays of his grace, for a deeper experience of his love. I am surrounded with mercies, and have calls on every hand, to work for my beloved Master, whose service is my delight’.