TDR: 4 March (Mark 5:36)

Jesus said: ‘Do not fear, only believe’ (Mark 5:36)

That means, take God at His word. Give Him credit for meaning what He says, for being faithful to His own word; and then what will become of your fears? God speaks to you in language which you can understand. He promises all you can possibly need; He invites you to remember Him and plead with Him; and He pledges His character for the comfort of your heart.

If you don’t believe, you make God out to be a liar; you bring darkness on your own soul; you give Satan a foothold to accuse you; and a thousand doubts, fears, and suspicions distress you. Is it any wonder? Can you offer a greater insult to God than deliberately to disbelieve His word? But you ask, “Are the promises made to me?”

Yes, to everyone who believes, and that means you if you believe. And the Holy Spirit is promised to work faith in your heart; so don’t complain then about the difficulty believing or of the power of unbelief. Instead, go to the Lord God and plead with Him, crying “Lord, increase my faith”, and go to His word, as to the word of a gracious Father, and endeavour to believe it.

Why, my soul, art thou perplexed?
Why with faithless trouble vexed?
Hope in God, whose saving name
Thou shalt joyfully proclaim,
When his countenance shall shine
Through the clouds that darken thine.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘Still tried by the conduct of this man, in addition to which my infant is sorely afflicted, and these two things have kept me almost continually pleading with God. From the depths of my soul I cried, “Lord, when wilt thou deliver me from this man? O my Saviour, enable me to act toward him as directed by thy word! Preserve me from feeling or speaking contrary to thy holy gospel. Save me from a spirit of prejudice, pride or revenge. May I be enabled to seek his good, while he is with us, though I cannot but pray for his removal. Lord, let me know thy design, and view him as an instrument in thine hand, in some way to do me good. Give me to see that everything that happens, will be overruled for thy glory and my good, and as forming a part of thine wondrous and all perfect plan.”’