TDR: 4 July (John 15:26)

Jesus said: ‘He [the Holy Spirit] will testify about me’ (John 15:26)

It is the office and work of the Holy Spirit to bear testimony to Jesus; He has done so in the word; there Christ is presented in His glory and grace. He testifies to Jesus by the preaching of the gospel; for we preach Christ crucified, and are determined (when under divine teaching) to know nothing else among men.

The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus to the heart; and then we see His loveliness, behold His glory, desire an interest in His salvation, sigh for union with Christ, trust in His promises, accept His invitations, rejoice in His name, and melt in love and gratitude before Him.

Then we have no doubt about His divinity, suitability, or love. All we want is to enjoy, possess, and glorify Him. Every idol falls before Him, every grace springs up and is in exercise upon Him; we love Him; believe Him; hope in Him; mourn for Him; are humbled before Him; and are zealous for Him. Our language is: “NONE BUT JESUS, NONE BUT CHRIST FOR ME.”

Oh, for the Spirit to testify about Jesus to our hearts and consciences, today and every day, especially on our last day; and to bear witness with our hearts that we really are children of God.

Saviour, I Thy word believe,
My unbelief remove;
Thy testifying Spirit give,
The unction from above:
Show me, O Lord, how good Thou art,
And fix Thy witness in my heart.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘JAN. 2, 1844. I ended the last year by baptizing sixteen believers, the last of whom was my son Joseph. The place was thronged. The subject was, “Who then is willing to consecrate his services this day unto the Lord?” The season was very solemn and impressive, and I hope that much good was done.’