TDR: 31 July (Hebrews 6:9)

The things that accompany salvation’  (Hebrews 6:9)

LET us inquire. What are they? Do we possess them?

  • Spiritual life, evidenced by convictions of sin
  • Crying to God for deliverance from sin
  • Groaning under the weight of the body of sin and death
  • A tender conscience, which trembles at sin, and feels deeply for God’s glory
  • A filial fear of God, lest we should dishonour His name, disgrace His cause, and grieve His love
  • An anxiety and deep-rooted concern for holiness, both in the heart and the life
  • Contrition or brokenness of heart for sin, accompanied with holy mourning before God
  • Fervour in devotion, earnestly breathing out the desires of the heart before God, or grieving when it is not so
  • A jealousy of self, as to our sincerity and uprightness of intention, lest we should be led astray by the corruptions which are within
  • A chaste conversation coupled with fear
  • Diligence in the means of grace
  • Searching the scriptures, to ascertain our real state and condition
  • what is the Lord’s will and our duty
  • An increasing discovery of our own weakness, imperfection, and misery.

Ye saints! Your music bring,
And swell the rapturous sound,
Strike every trembling string,
Till earth and heaven resound;
The triumphs of the cross we sing –
Awake, ye saints! Each joyful string.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘I think the Holy Spirit has been breathing on my soul this morning, and I feel a soft, sympathetic, and prayerful frame, especially for my church and congregation, particularly for the conversion of sinners. O to witness a mighty revival of religion!’