TDR: 29 September (Isaiah 26:4)

‘Trust in the LORD for ever’ (Isaiah 26:4)

We are often discouraged by the difficulties along the way, and cast down through the weakness of our faith. We look to people, instead of looking to the Lord; and reflect upon our weakness, instead of believing His promises, and trusting His faithfulness.

But the Lord our God should be the only and the constant focus of our trust; His word warrants us to look to Him for all we need, both temporal and spiritual; and His character assures us that we cannot be disappointed. He will appear for us, and make all His goodness pass before us.

If we connect prayer to God with trusting in God, and waiting for God, it is impossible that we should be left in trouble, or be neglected in distress. We may trust Him with the fullest confidence, and expect without doubting all He has promised to bestow.

Are you at this time tried, tempted, and distressed? Cast your burdens upon the Lord. Commit your way unto Him; He will bring to fruition His greatest promises and your best desires. Seek out His promises, confide in them, plead them with God, and expect their accomplishment. Oh, dear friend, trust in the Lord for ever!

Trust Him, He’s faithful to His word,
His promise cannot fail;
He’ll never leave you nor forsake,
Or let your foes prevail;
Then trust His word, expect His grace,
Until you see Him face to face.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘NOV. My breathing gets worse. All is dark before me, and at times I scarcely know what to think. I hope the Lord has some quiet nook in his vineyard where he will place me, and employ me to the end. I hope my good and gracious Master will not turn me out of his service, and say he has no further need of me. I know he can do without me, but I hope he will not.’