TDR: 29 March (Isaiah 2:22)

‘Stop trusting in man’ (Isaiah 2:22)

Never trust other men or women, for their heart is deceitful; never expect from them, for they are empty cisterns; never follow them, for they are false guides. Cursed be the one who trusts in man, and makes flesh their arm, and whose heart departs from the Lord.

Do not trust in a friend. One object is enough: He has all you want, and has offered to give whenever you ask. He never did deceive, He never can. It is impossible for God to lie. Looking to others, dishonours God’s fullness; trusting in others, is pouring contempt on His Word; expecting from others, is overlooking God’s agency.

If you neglect this loving direction, then expect to suffer; if you walk by it, your peace will be like a river, and your soul like a well-watered garden. He knows what is in a person, you do not. He cautions you, because he loves you. He would save you from disappointment, sorrow and woe. Come then to the conclusion of the prophet, “Therefore, I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me” [Micah 7:7].

 Happy they who trust in Jesus!
Sweet their portion is, and sure:
When destruction others seizes,
God will keep His own secure;
Happy people!
Happy though despised and poor.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘Like Israel, of late my soul has been much discouraged because of the way, especially in consequence of trials in the church. Thinking of this passage, I wrote – O how many discouragements do I meet with from Satanic injections, temptations, and snares. From the daring and presumptuous conduct of professors. From the disunion and bickering of real Christians. From the awful and delusive errors so plentifully propagated in the present day. From the discoveries I have of the corruption of my own heart, and the sinfulness of my own nature. From the powerful working of unbelief, envy and various other evils within. From the self-denying duties I have to perform, my natural dislike to them, and the want of love and power to perform them aright. From the opposition of the world, and even a part of the church. These things being thickly strewed in my way, often discourage my soul, and make me long to fly away and be at rest.

But I have also many encouragements, for I have the fullness of Jesus, the grace and strength which he has promised me, the throne of grace which is at all times accessible to me, the experience of saints who have gone the same way before me, the lessons to be learned by me, and the eternal weight of glory in reserve for me.’