TDR: 24 September (Genesis 22:14)

‘So Abraham called that place “The LORD Will Provide”’ (Genesis 22:14)

God, our heavenly Father, has provided supplies for His people. He arranges the bestowment of them, and hears and answers prayer for them. He may allow trials, dangers, and troubles; He will show Himself as rigidly faithful to His word; as kind and merciful in all His dealings; as attentive to the wants and wishes of His people; as ready to supply them, and display His love and power in delivering them.

In that place, it shall be seen that Satan is a liar; that our fears were all groundless; that unbelief is a great sin; that prayer shall surely be answered; that faith and hope shall not be disappointed; that Jesus is touched with the feeling of our infirmities; and that no one shall be ashamed who trusts in, waits for, and obeys the commands of the Most High God.

Dear friends, we have seen the Lord in the places of trial and we have found it transformed into the Place of Mercy, and we shall see Him one day in His glory.

‘Tis in the mount the Lord is seen;
And all His saints shall surely find,
Though clouds and darkness intervene,
He still is gracious, still is kind.
Yes, in the mount, the Lord makes bare
His mighty, His delivering power
Displays a Father’s tender care,
In the most trying, darkest hour.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘O that I could rest in His love, feel persuaded that He is working for me, and leave everything in His hands! But I still find it very difficult to walk by faith. I want to see, and to feel that everything is just as it should be. I suppose I never shall enjoy settled rest, until I rest in heaven.’