TDR: 23 September (Psalm 55:22)

‘Cast you burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you’ (Psalm 55:22)

The Lord’s people are often heavy laden, their burdens are heavy and their grief great; but the Lord kindly directs them to cast every burden upon Him, and He promises to sustain them. Guilt in the conscience and a sense of sin in the soul, often prove an intolerable burden; but the Lord will remove it by the blood of His Son, and the whisper of His Spirit.

The care of a family sinks the spirit, and fills with distress; but Jesus says, “Cast them all on Me”. Losses, crosses, enemies, temptations, and the inward conflict, often burden the soul; but our God will sanctify them to us, sustain us through them, and deliver us out of them all.

Our God has determined that we shall use Him, feel our dependence upon Him, and glory only in Him. Christian believer, our Heavenly Father will sustain you by speaking peace to your troubled heart; by enabling you to leave your intricate affairs in His hands; by strengthening you with strength in your soul; and by enabling you to contrast the present with the future. Thanks be unto God who gives us the victory. O Jesus, teach me to bring every burden to Your feet, and to cast every care upon You!

Thou, O Lord, in tender love,
Wilt all my burdens bear!
Lift my heart to things above,
And fix it ever there!

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘What a mercy I feel it to be that God is unchangeable, in a changeable state like this. He is in the same mind, and none can turn him. His plans are perfect. His purposes are wise. His promises are sure.’