TDR: 21 September (Isaiah 38:20)

The Lord was ready to save me’ (Isaiah 38:20)

This is the testimony of a good man who had been in great danger. His heart was full of fears, and he gave up all for lost; but now he is recovered, and stands forward to acknowledge his mistake, and bear witness to this pleasing fact, that the Lord is always ready to save His people in every time of trouble.

The Lord has saved us, and He will save us even to the end. He has power, and He will exert it; He has authority, and He will employ it; He has sympathy, and He will manifest it.

He is a Saviour at hand and not afar off; He is ready and willing to deliver. Has He not proved Himself so in our past experience, and ought we not to trust Him for the future? Let us in every danger cry unto God to save us; wait upon Him in humble hope for the blessing; banish carnal and unscriptural fears far away; refuse to listen to Satan, sense, or unbelief; persevere in seeking until we obtain and enjoy the blessing.

The Lord is ready to save us. Let us believe, hope, prove, and be happy. He will save, He will rest in His love, and joy over us with singing.

Salvation to God will I publish abroad,
Jehovah hath saved me through Jesus’s blood;
The Lamb was once slain, but He liveth again,
And I with my Jesus for ever shall reign;
Then filled with His love, in the regions above,
I shall never, no never, from Jesus remove.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘I rejoice when the Lord’s work goes on – when sinners are converted and brought to Jesus, when backsliders return with weeping and supplication, when saints increase in spirituality, and abound in brotherly love, and when the Lord shines on my soul. But without one, or more of these, I have not much real comfort.

The Lord grant me a meek and quiet spirit, which is in his sight of great price. At the beginning of this year, my solemn purpose is to do what I can to spread God’s truth, and to benefit my fellow sinners to the utmost of my power’.