TDR: 20 August (Psalm 145:20)

‘The Lord watches over all who love him’ (Psalm 145:20)

All who know the Lord love Him, and no one can love Him until taught by His Spirit. If we know God in Christ, as our covenant God, and enjoy our interest in Him, we shall love Him supremely, above our tranquillity, natural relations, earthly possessions, gifts and reputation.

We discover in Him, greater glory, more real worth, pre-eminent beauty, and superior excellence. Those who love Him are preserved by Him. He preserves them in trouble, from its natural effects; in the world, from its spirit and doom; from enemies, evil and wrath.

His loving-kindness and truth will continually preserve them; yes, He will preserve them unto His kingdom and glory. But He preserves us in the use of means; therefore, let us walk before Him, confide in Him, wait upon Him, and often demand of our hearts questions like: ‘Do we love the Lord?’; ‘Do we desire to love Him more?’; ‘Are we preserved from sin, the world, and all evil?’

If so, we must ascribe it to free and sovereign grace. If not, let us examine and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord. He bids, He exhorts us to come.

Infinite grace! Almighty charms!
Stand in amaze, ye rolling skies!
Jesus, the God, extends His arms,
Hangs on the cross of love, and dies,
Sure I must love: my passions move:
This heart shall yield to death or love.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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