TDR: 19 April (Psalm 119:37)

‘Give me life in Your ways’ (Psalm 119:37)

What poor, dull, lifeless creatures we often feel ourselves to be; and how necessary is this prayer above. It is our duty to run in the way of God’s commandments; it is our misery that through sin, weakness, and temptation, we scarcely creep.

We are dependent upon the Holy Spirit for quickening. Only He can strengthen, animate and enliven us. Let us be filled with the Spirit again this morning. He is gracious, and a grace-giving Spirit. He delights to exalt and honour Jesus.

Therefore, let us seek him in Jesus’ name for His sake, that we may bring honour to His cause, to activate our souls. Let us praise Him to bring us near to God; for the nearer to God we are, the happier, and holier, and livelier we shall be. Let ask the Spirit to pour the love of Christ within us. For the love of Christ will make us live well, bear the cross well, perform duties well, and die well.

The command also furnishes us with a rule, and the promise finds us strength. ; but it is only the Spirit that can put us in possession of the PROMISE, and without that we cannot attend to the RULE in a gospel spirit. The presence of Jesus and the communications of his grace our daily necessary to keep us lively, devoted, and working for God.

I need the influence of the Thy grace
To speed me in the right way,
Lest I should loiter in my race,
Or turn my feet astray.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘On my thirty-first birthday. My Birthday. A day of mercy, a day which calls for gratitude, humiliation, and self-abasement. Thirty-one years ago today, I was born; and seven years ago today, I began to preach the gospel. Blessed be God, that I ever knew the gospel, and especially that I ever preached it. Many souls have been given me for my hire, and I trust many more will. Never did I feel more deeply the value and importance of the salvation of sinners, never did I more ardently long for the conversion of souls’.