TDR: 16 August (Nehemiah 4:14)

‘Remember the Lord who is great and awesome’ (Nehemiah 4:14)

He is the great author of your being, and the only proper object of your faith, fear, and worship. Remember the promises He has made, the deliverances He has wrought, the blessings He has conferred, the invitations He has given, and the relations He now fills.

Remember Him in calamity, to trust Him; in prosperity, to praise Him; in danger, to call upon Him; in difficulty, to expect His interventions. Remember to obey His commands; to attend to His exhortations; to keep His company; to seek His blessings; and to aim at His glory in all you do.

Remember Him, for it is your duty; it is your privilege. Remember Him, in order to strengthen your faith; as an antidote to your fears; as a source of encouragement to your souls; and as a preventative to sin.

Remember He is holy, just, and good; and He will be glorified in all them that draw near to Him. Whatever or whoever you forget, always “REMEMBER THE LORD.” He is your life, your strength, your food, your portion, your God, your all. Remember Him, for He never forgets you; cleave to Him, for He will never forsake you.

Oh, may I still from sin depart!
A wise and understanding heart,
Jesus, to me be given!
And let me through Thy Spirit know,
To glorify my God below,
And find my way to heaven.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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