speaking as part of our series.

1. Authentic worship is directed to God

a) God�s work in the past [Exodus 15:1-12]

* personal confession [Exodus 15:2-3]

* narration [Exodus 15:4-10]

* personal confession [Exodus 15:11]

b) God�s leading for the future [Exodus 15:13-18]

2. Authentic worship is varied

i) the role of women

ii) drama

iii) musical instruments

iv) dancing

3. Authentic worship magnifies God

a) Enhances God�s reputation [Exodus 15:14-16]

b) Anticipates heaven�s song [Rev 15:1-8]

4. Authentic worship is fragile

a) Singing turned to grumbling! [Exodus 15:22-27]

b) The cycle of:

* Praise Songs

* Disappointment / bitterness

* Complaints

* God provides (again!)

  • Preached on: 29 November, 2009
  • Service type:
  • Bible Text: Exodus 15:1-27
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