TDR: 19 January Matthew 12:50

‘My brother’ (Matthew 12:50)

And who is the brother of Jesus? Every one who does the will of His Father. Every believer who proves the truth of his faith by the goodness of his works; who shows the excellence of his nature, by the piety, benevolence, and charity of his life. Believer, Jesus calls you BROTHER. He has a brother’s love for you. Oh, how tender! Oh, how tried! Stronger than death; passing knowledge.

He bears with your infirmities, reproves your follies, encourages your faith, forbids your fears, and He will certainly provide for your wants. Joseph in Egypt supplied his brothers during the famine, and shall not Jesus supply his brothers also.

If he seems to speak roughly, He will act kindly and perform a brother’s part. He has all power in heaven and on earth, He acts according to his will, and He is not ashamed to call us brothers.

He will correspond with us, and bids us daily, yes hourly, to correspond with Him. Oh, remember when you go to the throne of grace, that your BROTHER fills it. He calls you to it, and will withhold no good thing from you. Precious Lord Jesus, reveal to me a brother’s love, and help me to rely on Thy fraternal kindness.

 Our nearest friend, our Brother now,
Is He to whom the angels bow;
They join with us to praise His name
But we the nearest interest claim.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘O how discreditable is my conduct to a King’s son? How dishonourable to that holy name by which I am called? Where is my self-denial? How does grace reign in me… ? O how this trifling spirit destroys my comfort and closes my mouth, so that I cannot, I feel as if I dared not, speak of Jesus as I should.

I wish to speak of the glorious honour of his majesty, and talk of his power, but my folly shuts my mouth…

O that I may be kept from dictating to the Lord… may I think of the greatness of the mercy, that he will employ me at all… O what a miracle of grace that such a sinner should be saved at all!