TDR: 9 September (Psalm 31:23)

‘Love the Lord, all His saints!’ (Psalm 31:23)

Our God has revealed Himself as the source, centre, and end of everything lovely. In Jesus He appears as the fairest among ten thousand, and the altogether lovely. The wealth of the universe is His. He is worthy of our highest love. He is all we could wish or desire.

To possess Him is to be made for eternity. To have Him on our side is to be safe forever. But you may ask, ‘What is His mind towards us?’

Emphatically, “grace.” We have found favour in His eyes. He is the friend of penitent sinners. He loves us with an infinite love. Do you doubt it? Read His word. Look at Calvary. Ask His people. Prove for yourselves. See what He has already done for us.

Have we a being? He gave it. Have we a good hope? He bestowed it. Have we liberty? He bought it. Have we holiness? He wrought it. Consider what we may have been but for His grace. What we certainly should have been but for His salvation. What we are now, and what we shall be, as the effect of His love; and, “Oh, love the Lord, all His saints!” It is happiness! It is holiness! It is heaven!

Love all defects supplies,
Makes great obstructions small;
‘Tis prayer; ’tis praise; ’tis sacrifice;
‘Tis holiness; ’tis all!

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘OCT. I think I have recently felt in my own experience, an illustration of that text, “I will put my fear in their hearts, and they shall not depart from me” [Jeremiah 32:40]. Being placed in circumstances of temptation, I felt every now and then distinctly a fear working within me lest I should be led astray, and either dishonour the Lord’s cause, or stumble any in the company.’