TDR: 9 April (Luke 17:5)

‘Lord, increase our faith’ (Luke 17:5)

The Christian believer is like their faith. If faith is weak, they are fearful, fretful, and troubled; if faith is strong and rightly placed, they are courageous, active and happy. Faith comes from Jesus; He is its author; it leads to Jesus; He is its object.

Faith is like a grain of mustard seed; it grows and increases; but Jesus alone can increase our faith. Let us apply to Him this morning, and let this be our prayer, “LORD, INCREASE MY FAITH”. Strong faith will believe without feeling, yes regardless of feelings or appearances. It will trust God where it cannot trace Him; it assures the soul that what He has promised He is able to perform, and will guarantee.

Great faith will have great trials; for God never gives faith without testing it; and the heat of the furnace is in proportion to the strength of our faith. Little faith lays hold of Christ, and brings salvation; strong faith receives much and often from Christ, and brings great consolation.

Therefore, go to Jesus with the faith you have, and plead with Him for the faith He requires. He gives freely to every persistent pleader; and He will surely give greater faith to you.

O Jesus, now thyself impart,
And fix thy presence in my heart,
Give strong and living faith!
Then will I throw off every load,
And walk delightfully with God,
Observing all He saith.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘I am exposed to much persecution from professors of religion, O Lord, add unto me many more spiritual children; and preserve me from withering gifts, decaying graces, and deceitful men’.