TDR: 7 April (Luke 10:42)

‘Only one thing is needed’ (Luke 10:42)

The things of time are transient; the things of eternity are permanent. The world passes away. The body must die; earthly connections must be dissolved; but the soul must live forever. The welfare of the soul is the one thing that is needed. If the soul is in a sanctified and healthy state, it will be found at the feet of Jesus; it will relish His words; and enjoy His communications more than the richest feast.

We should be seeking to know Him, love Him, believe Him, obey Him, and enjoy Him. Fellowship with Jesus is needful as evidence of our interest in Him, and as a source of satisfaction and comfort. Whoever finds a home at the feet of Jesus will enjoy an eternal heaven in the presence of Jesus.

So do not let the many trifles of time impact, distract, and bewilder you; instead, allow the one thing that is needed to be your constant object of pursuit and desire. Live at the feet of Jesus and you are safe. Seek to enjoy Jesus above all things and you will be happy. Aim in all things to glorify Jesus and you will be holy. Look daily for the coming of Jesus and you will be consistent.

O Jesus! Show yourself to me; draw me to your feet and keep me there!


Engage this roving, treacherous heart
To fix on Mary’s better part,
To scorn the trifles of a day,
For joys that none can take away.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘The Lord has graciously granted me a revival in my own soul, and has given me what I longed for, even a greater love for the Bible. I do trust that the Lord will bring me from every human system, and teach me himself alone, and from the Bible only. I find there are many portions of it, which I have overlooked and neglected. Never was my soul more desirous of being an empty vessel before the Lord, than now’.