TDR: 27 September (Micah 2:7)

‘Is the Spirit of the LORD angry?’ (Micah 2:7)

Why then are you despondent? Why are you satisfied to live so far below your privileges? The Holy Spirit is promised to teach us all things; to testify of Jesus to our hearts; to help our infirmities, to comfort us by taking of the things of Christ, and showing them to us; and to lead us in the way everlasting.

Do we experience His love in these specific areas? If not, what is the cause? “Is the Spirit of the LORD angry?” NO. But do we sow to the Spirit? Do we pray for the Spirit? Do we expect the Father to give Him, in answer to our prayers; that Jesus will send Him according to His promise?

Oh, dear friends, look at your doubts, your fears, your carnality, your coldness, your want of life, love, and power; and then ask, “Are these His doings?”

Is His arm shortened? Is His love changed? Is His word false? Or, rather, have you not grieved Him, quenched His operations, and caused Him to withhold His hand? Oh, pray for the Spirit! You are absolutely dependent upon Him, for without Him you can do nothing.

Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire,
My consecrated heart inspire,
Sprinkle with the atoning blood:
Still to my soul Thyself reveal;
Thy mighty working may I feel,
And know that I am one with God.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘I am seeking wisdom from God. I feel as if I could not doubt but he will guide me, and use me unto the end, still my naturally quick and hasty disposition is for seeing and doing everything at once. The only think I seem to fear, is being laid aside from my beloved work; but the Lord can give me sufficient grace, to acquiesce even in this.’