TDR: 27 May (Genesis 32:29)

‘Then he blessed him there’ (Genesis 32:29)

Poor Jacob, full of fear and alarm, retired to plead with his God; he wept and made supplication, he had power with God and prevailed. “AND HE BLESSED HIM THERE.”

Our God delights to bless us; therefore He began so early, for He blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Jesus, before the foundation of the world; He gave us grace in His Son, before He gave us being: but He still wants us to plead with Him, and weep before Him. He is “THE BLESSING GOD.”

There was never a need that ever pierced the heart of fallen humanity, or met the omniscient eye of Jehovah, but that want was anticipated and provided for, in the person and fullness of Christ. And however great our conflicts and trials may be, we can have no reason to be despondent, for grace is given to us; and grace always goes hand in hand with omnipotence.

Our heavenly Father’s love cannot fail, our divine Saviour’s fullness cannot be exhausted, the faithful promise cannot be broken. Therefore, let us plead in the valley of Achor, wrestle on the battlefield, and it shall again be said, “HE BLESSED HIM THERE.” Oh, for the Spirit of Prayer.

Lord, let me know the grace below,
To all believers given:
Oh, bid me feel thy love, and go
In perfect peace to heaven!

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘1841. Another merciful New Year’s day, a large company came to the prayer meeting. My motto is, “The Lord is thy keeper.” What a mercy to begin the year with such a keeper! Who can tell what lies before me? The days appear portentous. Every day calls for faith, prayer, and activity’.