TDR: 24 July (Romans 3:17)

‘The way of peace’ (Romans 3:17)

Peace is an invaluable blessing, whether we consider it as reconciliation to God or tranquillity and comfort of mind. It is not to be obtained by works of the law, but if we would obtain peace, it must be by receiving the Saviour’s word into our hearts; by believing on Him as able and willing to save; by trusting the testimony God has given of His Son; by renouncing self, as loathsome in the sight of God; by relying simply and continually on Jesus for all we need; and by daily making a full surrender of everything over to God Himself.

If we are to maintain peace we must confide in His promises; walk by His precepts; be loyal to the King of Kings; commune daily with our heavenly Father; wait upon Him in the ordinances He has designed; rely on His special and particular providences; frequent the open fountain for purification of sin; cleave to the saints in love, as the body of Christ; and disentangle our affections from the world, to set them on things above.

This is the way, walk ye in it! Let nothing tempt you to leave this way; endeavour, by all means, to attract others to God’s way.

There is no path to heavenly bliss,
Or solid joy, or lasting peace,
But Christ, the appointed road:
Oh, may I tread the sacred WAY,
By faith rejoice, and praise, and pray,
Till I sit down with God.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘It is my delight to praise His word, to benefit His people, and to see His enemies converted by His grace. But I do not enjoy that nearness to Him, that steady confidence in Him, that abiding sense of His presence and His love, which I wish’.