TDR: 20 February (Numbers 11:23)

‘Is the Lord’s arm too short?’ (Numbers 11:23)

No – what He has done, He can do; and all He has promised or His people need, He will do. He has all power. He knows no difficulty. Why then are we cast down? Because we do not believe His word, we do not depend simply on His veracity, and we do not expect all we need to come from His hand.

He was displeased with Moses when Moses questioned His power, and He is displeased with us when we doubt His love, distrust His providence, or ask “How can these things be?”.

Whatever your difficulty, trial, or want may be, plead with the Lord and confidently expect deliverance; and if any temptation is presented to weaken your faith, or rouse your fears, or disturb your tranquillity, meet it with this question: “Is the Lord’s arm too short?”.

Dear friends, don’t look to the hand of other people, but look simply to the hand of God; others will disappoint you, God will not. He has promised and He is faithful. He is a God at hand. He will be near you throughout this day; His hand is able and ready to help you; therefore trust and do not be afraid.

 In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas,
He executes His firm decrees;
And by His saints it stands confess’d,
That what He does is ever best:
Then on His powerful arm rely,
And He will bring salvation nigh.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘O what proof of the deep depravity and base ingratitude of my heart is this, that Thou art obliged to send trials and troubles to bring me to Thy feet! Yet it is so. For except drawn by the cords of Thy loving-kindness, or driven by painful exercises, I seldom come to Thee with earnestness, fervour and life.

Blessed Jesus! Pardon me, correct me, but never leave me to myself. Draw me, or drive me, but never allow me to live long at a distance from Thee. May I daily see that all things are put under Thee, and will be directed by Thy wisdom, in answer to the prayers of believers, to do them real service.’